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Parent Responsibilities

As parents and guardians in the educational process at St. Mary’s Catholic School, we ask you:

To set rules, times, and limits so your child:
    Gets to bed early on school nights;
    Arrives at school on time and is picked up on time at the end of the day; Is dressed according to the school dress code;
    Completes class assignments on time;
    Has lunch money/account credit or sack lunch everyday.
    Has all needed materials and is prepared to learn.
To actively participate in school activities such as Parent-Teacher Conferences, Home & School meetings and activities, and fundraising.
To see that the student pays for damage to school books or property due to carelessness or neglect.
To notify the office if the child will be absent from school.
To notify the school with a note when the student returns to school after being absent or tardy. To notify the school office about changes in address or important phone contact numbers.
To meet all financial obligations to the school, in a timely and responsible manner.
To inform the school of any special situation regarding the student’s well-being, safety and health.
To promptly complete and return to school any requested information.
To read school notes and check the school page on the website (www.stmaryslgv.org) for updated information on a regular basis and to show interest in the student’s total education. To support the religious and educational goals of the school.
To support and cooperate with the discipline policy of the school.
To treat teachers and staff with respect and courtesy when discussing student problems.
To treat other students and families with respect and courtesy.

This partnership is mandatory for your child’s success. Failure to maintain a working partnership may result in a breech of contract on your part.