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Philosophy and Purpose 

St. Mary's Catholic School believes that formation of the human person is best rooted in the biblical understanding of humanity. As Christians, we share with students a commitment to the command of Jesus Christ to "Love God with their whole heart, mind and soul and love their neighbor as themselves," (Mark 12:30-31). We strive to provide an environment which fosters an enthusiasm for lifelong learning where each student can develop to their fullest potential and practice respect for those of faith traditions and cultures other than their own. We wish to provide students with the tools they need to excel, to teach them to be grateful to God for their accomplishments, and to be generous in sharing their gifts and talents with others.

Mission Statement

St. Mary's Catholic School is committed to partnering with families in forming children to be disciples of Jesus who actively participate in the Kingdom of God by forming Faith, Scholarship, Leadership & Service.  


Catholic Schools have provided private Christian education in Longview since 1948. St. Mary's Catholic School, dedicated December 8, 1968, on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, is the outgrowth of of the former St. Anthony's Catholic School built in 1949 and staffed by The School Sisters of Notre Dame. With the realization that the facilities were inadequate, in 1958 Msgr. Szapka purchased a 42-acre site for a new school, leading to the building in 1965 of the campus at its present location, including eight large classrooms, administrative offices, library, science lab and lecture room and a large cafetorium. In these new surroundings, the students and the school program grew, prospered and realized the fullest measure of Catholic education.

Several additions and improvements have since been made to the campus buildings, including an annex of four classrooms, a large science lab, and a well equipped computer lab, along with additional meeting rooms, a full kitchen, and cafeteria/stage/assembly area. The original building was remodeled to include additional office areas, extra classrooms, a larger library, an art studio, an adult reading room and a seperate computer lab for use by lower elementary classes.

The 2011-2012 school year brought us our first high school class, graduates of 2015.  


-Growth in knowledge and spirituality

-Appreication of values and a capacity for right judgement


-Application of intellectual skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and understanding

-Development of each student's individual academic potential


-Learn wise use of leisure time

-Discover and develop imagination, originality and creative abilities

-Practice the principles of democratic living

-Learn to work with others


-Giving witness to the faith by putting love into action

-Forming a social conscience with a zeal for the common good