Enrollment Fees & Tuition Rates

St. Mary’s Catholic Church & School


Enrollment Fees & Tuition Rates

Enrollment Fees

Pre-Kindergarten – 8th Grade       $350 ($400* after March 25)

High School                                  $450 ($500* after March 25)

* A late fee of $50 will be applied for returning students who enroll after the March 25, 2022 Re-enrollment Deadline

* These fees are non-refundable and must be paid prior to enrollment

Tuition Rates                               2022-2023 Tuition

Pre-Kindergarten (PK3/PK4):

Tuesday, Thursday                                   $4,000

Monday, Wednesday, Friday                $4,500

Five Days Mornings Only                       $4,750

Five Days Full Days                             $6,200

Kindergarten – 5th Grade                      $7,600

Middle School (6-8)                             $7,950

High School (9-12)                               $9,400                                                     

(Tuition payments will be charged through FACTS Tuition Management and may be made annually, biannually, or monthly on the 5th or the 20th of each month. Monthly payments may be made over 10, 11, or 12 months with all accounts paid in full by May 22, 2023. FACTS does charge a fee for the payment plan option.)

*Multi-child Credit: This credit will be calculated as follows: Oldest child no credit; 2nd oldest child will receive a $500 credit on full-time tuition; 3rd oldest child will receive a $1000 credit on full-time tuition; 4th oldest child and younger children will receive a 50% reduction on full-time tuition.

*Parish Subsidy: Families may apply for a Parish Subsidy of $1000/child through their local parishes. A signed Parish Subsidy Agreement is required from the pastor before the discount will be applied to tuition. For Catholic families qualifying for the Parish Subsidy from any local Catholic parish, the 4th oldest and younger children will pay tuition of $1000 plus all fees.

*My Fair Share Grant: A My Fair Share Grant may be available for families based on demonstrated financial need as determined through FACTS Grant and Aid. The priority deadline for the My Fair Share application is February 25, 2022. My Fair Share funding is limited and is not guaranteed. Families are encouraged to meet the priority deadline.  FACTS does charge a fee to complete the My Fair Share application.


St. Mary’s Catholic Church & School


Additional Fees & Expenses

Lunch Plan (served daily, except half days)

$75/month singles

$110/month doubles

Optional Annual Fees

* Before School Care (7:15 – 7:30 AM)


* After School Care (3:30 PM – 5:30 PM except half days)


* High School Athletic Fee (9th – 12th grades / one or more sports)


* TAPPS Academics/TAPPS Art (9th -12th grades)


* Middle School Athletic Fee (6th – 8th grades / one or more sports)


* Archery Fee (4th – 5th grades)


* Band Equipment Rental (only if renting an instrument)


* Yearbook


Additional Annual Fees (Required)

* School Supply Fees (PK3 – 12th grades) – determined by grade

$50 - $100

* Middle School Technology Fee (6th- 8th grades)


* High School Technology Fee (9th – 12th grades)


* Early Childhood (PK3, PK4, K) Snack Fee


Additional Class Field Trips by Grade-level

* 5th Grade – Pines Camp (Fall)


* 7th Grade – Texas History Trip (Spring)


* 9th Grade – Biology Trip (Spring)


* 11th/12th – History / Religion / Science Trip (Spring)


* Class field trip expenses may be divided over 10, 11, or 12 months through the FACTS payment plan.

Additional information will be available from the coordinating teacher as the trip is planned.                                         

Mandatory Service Hours / School Fundraising Obligation (Required)

All Families PK3-12

25 hours ($25/hr.)

Raffle Ticket Sales (PK3-12th Grade)


* Hours not served, and raffle tickets not sold, will be added to the family FACTS account.

  Note: Family members must sign in and report volunteer hours to receive credit.

Additional Fundraising Activities



Knight to Remember Gala


Holiday Celebration Fund

November / December

TAPPS Athletics / TAPPS Academics / TAPPS Art

Varies: Gift Card Sales / Pancake Breakfast / Car Wash

Annual Fund Campaign*

September / October

Capital Campaign* (Campus Improvements)


Sponsor a Student Campaign*


Birthday Book Donation (Library)

Student’s Birthday or Other Day of Note

Book Fair (Library)


* Campaign contributions may be made through your FACTS Tuition Account. Please watch for additional information.         

Tuition and Fees Printable 2022-2023

Tuition Final 2023-2024.pdf

Apply for Grants and Aid

Parish Subsidy Petition 2022-2023