Sacrament Formation

Basic Outline of the

Sacrament Formation Process for St. Mary’s Catholic School

The following is a simple list of what is asked of baptized Catholics around the age of 7 years old seeking to celebrate the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Confirmation or First Communion, or those baptized Catholics only lacking to celebrate Confirmation:

1. Fill out Petition, Candidate Info Sheet, and be sure that the candidates Baptismal Certificate has been given to the school office.

2. Candidates petitioning for Sacrament Formation through the school are expected to be in regular school Religion classes, based on the Diocese of Tyler 16 Goals Curriculum. 

3. Candidates are expected to attend workshops offered during school time, covering Reconciliation Confirmation and Holy Communion.   Candidates are welcome, but not obligated, to attend Sacrament workshops offered by the Parish Faith Formation office. 

4. Candidates are encouraged to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation monthly, preferably with their families, for approximately 10 months, before they celebrate Sacraments.

5. Candidates are expected to spend some time in reflection and prayer, to choose a saint relevant to their own lives and interests.  The name of this saint will be the Confirmation name for the child.

5. Candidates are asked to produce a hand written one page reflection on the Sacraments they wish to celebrate, or on the saint they have chosen for Confirmation.

6. Candidates will be assessed by parents, teachers, and Faith Formation leaders of the school.

For questions regarding this process,

or if you have a child (or other family member) who is interested in coming into the Catholic Church,

contact us at  903-757-5893.