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Volunteer Opportunities

It Takes a Village!

We will see you in August!  Look for various volunteer opportunities as we get closer to the school year.

Service Hour Tracking Form

Required Adult Service Hours

Each K-12th family is required to complete twenty five (25) adult service hours. A minimum of five (5) of those hours must be served with qualified Wunderfall Oktoberfest activities. The remaining hours may be met through any of the other suggested volunteer areas. For service hours not completed each family will pay as a Tuition Obligation the sum of $25.00/hr for each service hour not completed during a school year. All service hours not entered by the Monday after the Spring Gala will be added to the May tuition statement at $25.00 per hour for those not served or not recorded. The office staff reserves the right to verify hours entered with the project coordinator, teacher, or committee head in charge of the activity. It is the responsibility of the family to keep a record of all hours served and record these service hours in the school office. Committee chairs or activity coordinators should not be expected to be responsible for turning in your family’s service hours.