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Home & School Association                                                                                                                                   

St. Mary's Home and School Association provides opportunities for parents and teachers to meet and work together

for the betterment of the students and school.  All parents are encouraged to participate in this active organization.

Besides sponsoring fun projects for the children, this organization does fundraising and helps with

volunteers, as well as focusing on the primary purpose of the organization:  communication between the school and families

Please click the link below to review our school's parent association bylaws

Home and School Bylaws

2018-2019 Home & School Association Officers

President                Jen Billodeaux

Vice Presidents      Jana Moore  and  Julie McBryde

Secretary                Stacy Culver

Treasurer                Kimberly Mansfield

Contact the school office to apply for a position.  903-753-1657

School Advisory Council

school board bylaws may 2016.docx

school council agenda template.docx

school finance bylaws august 2016.docx